Using digital media in museums to engage visitors

One of my fondest memories as a child growing up in Fremantle is going to visit the WA Maritime Museum. It is full of historical artefacts, trinkets and displays, and covers a huge variety of topics from important in maritime history, stories from those who worked on the sea, oceanic explorations, to even just general information... Continue Reading →

Gamification in education

As a teacher, the topic of education is something close to my heart. It's a sector I've been involved in for a number of years now and an environment I have become quite familiar with. An issue common to nearly all educators is knowing how to keep students engaged. In today's world of iPads, laptops and... Continue Reading →

Fifteen Million Merits: An overview

Black Mirror - Fifteen Million Merits (Flickr) by Saulo Cruz CC BY-NC-SA I recently watched an episode of Black Mirror titled Fifteen Million Merits and I have to say, it was somewhat confronting. I think for the most part, the elements that seemed most confrontational were only so because the themes and messages conveyed in the... Continue Reading →

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