Gamification in education

As a teacher, the topic of education is something close to my heart. It’s a sector I’ve been involved in for a number of years now and an environment I have become quite familiar with.

An issue common to nearly all educators is knowing how to keep students engaged. In today’s world of iPads, laptops and smart phones, the children of today are brought into the world with an array of technology and distractions at their disposal.

The traditional model of education no longer caters for the current classroom. In the beginning, students were taught to sit and listen and teaching was only done one way. Today, however, teaching and learning is encouraged to be interactive, hands-on and student-centred. Part of this model of education has adopted the use of technology, as it is a significant part of our everyday lives. With that, has come the concept of gamification.

Technology has become fast-integrated into the classroom curriculum with students more often than not knowing more than the teacher, sometimes just by default. Students learn differently to even how their own teachers were taught at school. There is much emphasis on ’21st century learning’ and its importance within the modern classroom.

Gamification involves constructing an activity within the structure and confines of a game, and may involve levels, points, goals and rewards. It can be done to almost any type of activity, from weight loss to productivity to travel.

Without intentionally doing so, I have gamified the way I teach and encourage students to learn. I suppose I must have always known that the methods I was adopting were associated with a gaming type of system, but it’s not something that I really understood.

Gamification in the classroom can include processes such as setting up a point system for good behaviour, goals and points for classroom activities, or rewards and achievements for tidyness and organisation. It’s a fun, engaging and interactive way to get students to participate within the classroom.

The video below explores the concept of gamification in education, and looks at some of the ways it can be done.


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