Stepping out of my comfort zone: making a podcast

Well it was bound to happen eventually given that I am required to make a podcast for an assignment, so I thought I may as well give it a crack and test it out!

The first thing I needed to do was find and download some free audio editing software  that I could work out how to use and wasn’t going to be too complicated. I spent a good while serching Google Play and testing out different apps and it actually took me longer than I thought to find something that I liked and could use (of course finding decent apps that are free are always going to be a little tricky).

After I had worked out the bits and bobs of the editing software there came the daunting task of actually having to record something. I was stuck on what the topic should be and considered talking about something completely unrelated to the ALC708 unit but settled on talking about podcasts in general. This, I actually found a bit interesting, because I had to do a little bit of research and I ended up learning new some things. When I was doing the recordings I was always conscious of trying not to sound too monotonous or like I was reading straight from a script or something. Given that it was my first attempt I hope I did ok! But practise makes perfect, as they say, and there are certainly things I can improve upon.

After recording what I needed, I then tried my hand at importing the audio onto the editing software and played around with the editing tools, cutting dead spaces where there were long pauses and fixing some bits to make it seem a little more coherent. I also chose some music to include for the intro and outro parts just to make it sound a little more like interesting and not just me talking away.

So basically that’s the process I followed, and I know that it’s not perfect; there are moments where I do sound slightly monotonous and am unsure about the content but all in all it was a fun experience and has given me a little more confidence in being able to produce something for the actual assignment.


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