Teacher + Editor

Working in Education is one of the hardest professions out there. As a teacher, you are constantly focused on the academic, social and personal growth of your students and there is rarely a good time to worry about paperwork. Unfortunately, there are a mountain of things such as applications, programming, newsletters and IEPs (to name only a few) that take the focus away from what’s really important – teaching.

As well as being a qualified Primary school teacher, I also have experience and qualifications as a professional editor. I have the skills and enthusiasm to trawl through any of your written documents to ensure that they are readable, cohesive, and error-free, giving you the extra time to focus on the important things. You can be guaranteed of complete confidentiality of sensitive documents, and a professional touch.

For more information about the types of things I can edit and proofread for you, please click on the ‘Editing services’ tab above.